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About H²O magazine

A fishing magazine for demanding fishermen

H2O magazine was founded in 2008 with the specific aim of creating a high quality fly fishing magazine characterized by the careful selection of contributions and the particular attention to images and  quality of  articles. 10 years after its inception this goal has been fully achieved and H20 magazine is now one of the most influential fly fishing magazines in the world.

Today H2O magazine is still evolving. After the success of the last few years, which has brought numerous opinion leaders and world-class fishermen to publish on its pages, H2O magazine also  becomes an online portal and a complete reference point for fly fishermen from all over the world.

H2O magazine talks about fishing, about art connected to fishing, it tells about travelling, history and collecting, it interviews opinion leaders and great fishermen. This is all beautifully illustrated by the splendid pictures of some of the most appreciated photographers in the world, which have the power to excite us and make us live unique adventures. If you are interested in subscribing to the printed magazine, go to the contact page.

H2O  is not just a magazine…

H2O magazine is a beacon among the most prestigious and characteristic lodges in the world for communication and marketing in Europe; it also collaborates with numerous Tourist Boards for the promotion of fly fishing. H2O magazine staff attends all the most important fairs and fishing events all over Europe with its own stand. If you are interested in knowing the different services that H2O magazine offers to its partners, visit the services page.

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