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Interview to Pat Cohen

Giorgio Cavatorti

To start this interview, tell me something about yourself. How and when did you start making your own flies?

I started tying flies in January 2009. I started tying woolly buggers. At that time I thought it was the only fly that I needed. Then I started reading and became completely immersed in all of this.

What came first, tying flies or fishing?

Fishing without a doubt. I spin fished all my life, very unsuccessfully I might add..In 2008 I picked up a fly rod for the first time and everything clicked. It all made sense and just felt right. It was a life changing moment for me.

What are your favourite tying materials?

I love tying with naturals. I make a lot of deer hair flies, things like buck tail deceivers and deer hair bass bugs.

Any advice to those who want to start tying flies?

Take it slow, get a good mentor and learn the correct way to do things. If you form bad habits early it is hard to break them.

Your flies are very realistic, sometimes they are real pieces of art. Do you use them when fishing?

I have a background in the arts. I fish a majority of my flies, although at this point there is a series of deer hair flies that I make that are just for display. You could with a little modification fish those as well.

What do you think it is the most innovative tying material of recent times?

There are a lot of new synthetic products that are opening doors. I think products like Clear Cure Goo and other light cured resins have made a big impact on the way we tie flies. Laser cut materials, EP Fibers…there are so many things that are available to make flies with.

What is your favourite fishing destination?

I am primarily a warm water angler. I am happy in any body of water that I can put my kayak in and target bass, pike or carp. But at heart I am a river guy for sure.

 Are you going to come to Europe to visit any fishing exhibitions?

 I would love at some point to make a trip to Europe.

Giorgio Cavatorti

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