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In my opinion Silvano Festa stands for one of the best realities of the fishing "Made in Italy", a word more would be superfluous. Giorgio Cavatorti

Silvano Festa’s biography

I was born 50 years ago in the Po valley from a poor but respectable family and began to fish at the age of 5. I haven’t forgotten that my father took my brothers and me fishing in turn, because we just had one fixed rod made of bamboo, one bike and one pair of boots; I tenderly remember that, to protect our feet from the cold, we used “patches” from old clothes we no longer wore……elderly fishermen can appreciate what I am talking about. I still vividly remember when I fell asleep sitting on the crossbar of his bike and confidently leaning on his arm. I fell asleep because that was for me the safest place in the world …..I loved my father.

I grew up studying, for economic reasons, at the university of life and of the road and the good Lord put some excellent people along my path who taught me a lot of things, not only in the work field, but also in life … I still meet some of them and I am still learning from them: this is simply beautiful. Today, together with my brothers, whom I thank for their patience and willingness to realize all my plans, even the most hazardous ones, I manage a precision engineering firm founded in 1991, I still go fishing …..I build fishing reels and clamps and customized rods.

Cheri.B reel

I haven’t been in the field of fly-fishing for long and I have been trying to bring into this world all the technology that I have learned through my work in the most prestigious sectors of mechanical engineering and motorbike racing, so it was natural for me to pour off the knowledge thus acquired. The use of innovative materials with high-tech treatments is the basis I started from, so I designed, patented and built the Cheri.B reel and the Regent clamp, with which I was presented by Benecchi products and won EFFEX 2003 in Nürnberg.

I then registered the trade mark Cherie.B in 2003 and subsequently I implemented the project Elite for Vivarelli, that is a new super-light aluminium series characterized by an optimal weight distribution and such high quality finish that would be worth painting for their concessions to the state of art.  With the company Franco Vivarelli, we then signed a trade agreement which entrusted the design and production of new models by this important company to Cherie.B.

In this sector I have got to know many people, from whom I have learned such a lot of things. If I were to name just a few of these people it would be ungenerous for the rest, as I should thank many people indeed….I’ll just make one exception for Gianni, a dear friend who destiny deprived of the use of his legs, but not of the will and ability to fish magnificently. Every time we fish together I cannot but admire him and think that courage and bravery are not only owned by all great men, fishermen and casters, but even more by those who don’t surrender and fight every day like my dear friend Gianni.

Today I’m still not satisfied and I am developing some ambitious projects which will be implemented soon. I’m not prompted by commercial reasons, but by my necessity to create objects which are not just “normal”. If I could, I would make, like many people I believe, very different objects in which I would infuse all the love I can and all the beauty I know. I hear people say that any rod and reel is good, perhaps it is true…….so all you need is a roof over your head, a normal watch and a poster instead of a picture.

The truth is that, as far back as we can remember the human soul has always aimed at knowledge and beauty, so that owning and using beautiful, not just efficient objects gratifies and fascinates us, that is why we like bamboo rods, prestigious reels and antique books.

Silvano Festa

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